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The Five C's of Service Catalog Management
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While the Service Catalog is one of the most important tools to understanding the value of a service provider, many implementations fail to tackle the important aspects of adoption. This session uncovers the critical role that the service catalog plays in organizational change. 

A Holistic Approach to Change Management
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Are you tired of hearing about how to implement configuration and change management and yet when you try it, something is still missing? Join industry experts worldwide as they discuss how to figure out what is really needed to make your configuration and change management successful and how to put these processes in practice to bring value to your business.

Categorization: A Method to the Madness
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Learn how to tame the madness in your categorization scheme. Incident, problem, and event management depend upon categorization to trend and improve service performance. But, did you know that the service catalog, training plans, career development and skills assessment are also dependent upon that same categorization? It’s amazing how much of what we do depends on understanding what we do, and that starts with effective categorization of the products and services we provide.

IT Frameworks, Standards and Models: How to Leverage the Best of all Domains of IT Knowledge and Create a Recipe for Value
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Frameworks like the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) are not new. Frameworks existed before there was technology. Why is it that so many organizations have now begun to evaluate and adopt a framework in Information Technology? The basic answer is structure. In order to manage a complex system or value network, organizations need to adopt a structured environment to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness as well as to understand how to measure performance and continuously improve

Demystifying the Newest ITIL® Release
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In this article, we discuss the new edition of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL®. Each of the books in the library are examined for what has changed in the new release. Although this article does not provide a detailed look at all the changes, the major modifications are identified. The summaries should help all current ITIL practitioners to evaluate the new version content and value.

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